Drifting Your Majesty Review on iTunes

iTunes Review

This incredibly sublime album of pastoral instrumentals is a must-have for anyone in need of music through which to dream the day away. Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon guitarist Phil Carney and classically trained pianist Chris Connolly combine for the gentlest one-two punch in San Francisco. The tunes range from shimmering pieces of astral projection (“Black Mirror Water,” “Mojave Mirage”) to acoustic, British-folk-like impressions (“Gwynnedd”). The extended length of the title track at over ten minutes allows for a truly mesmerizing instrumental weave that builds to icy caps of distortion, while brief tracks like “Darkhan,” “Koko,” “Right Favor” and “Maurice In Reflection” provide quick, flourishing escapes. Carney’s tone is immaculate. Neither play merely to show off their chops; each player creates with a sense of economy and the song at hand. “Beautiful Descent” is simply gorgeous, its notes bouncing off stars. “Plataea” dips into a Middle-Eastern mood with dramatic guitar pulses and careful drum accents. “Sixteen Drawers” is a sweet, flowing piece that creates a dreamlike web for all to drift away.


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