New Release: Desertshore 'Drifting Your Majesty'

Release Date October 19th / Digital Album Available October 19

The debut album by the instrumental band Desertshore featuring keyboardist Chris Connolly and guitarist Phil Carney. Chris Connolly is a classically trained pianist who studied with Julian White and Sharon Mann in California. Phil Carney played guitar in San Francisco legends, Red House Painters and later, Sun Kil Moon.

TRACK LISTING: 1. Black Mirror Water 2. The Town Alight 3. Mojave Mirage 4. Gwynnedd 5. Beautiful Descent 6. Darkhan 7. Drifting Your Majesty 8. Koko 9. Plataea 10. Right Favor 11. Sixteen Drawers 12. Jordan Heavyhand 13. Maurice In Reflection 14. Deep Forest Echoes