New Release: Arc of An Arrow Blind

Desertshore's 5 th Studio Album Arc of An Arrow Blind is scheduled for release June 2, 2017.  The album was recorded and mixed at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley by Adam Munoz.  Arc of An arrow blind was Mastered by Mike Wells.  The album features a collection of ethereal new instrumentals that were recorded live in the studio by Phil Carney (guitar), Chris Connolly (Piano/Keyboards) and Mike Wells (Drums).  Recorded over a relatively short period of time, approximately 4 days, minimal overdubs were added to preserve the original musical experience and interaction between the players.  The album covers a wide emotional pallate of melancholy, elation, sorrow, traveling from great expanses to the spaces between small doorways.

Track Listing

  1. Weather In Our Veins
  2. Sky Drifter
  3.  Blurring Together
  4. Arc of An Arrow Blind
  5. Floating
  6. Descend Like The Sun
  7. Doorway Gestures
  8. Night Held in Sudden Grace
  9. To Cross This Great Expanse
  10. After Images (Behind Your Eyes)